Legendary Knifemaker, Chuck Stapel, sent these two knives to me to work on. These are custom made Ferrier File Survival Mountain Man Knives. Originally, these knives were hand crafted or “camp made” by mountain men from the thick files used by farriers. They could be used for hundreds of tasks and the exposed file was actually a godsend in countless emergencies.

Now they’re in my hands & I’ll be carving them, as soon as I know what I want to do on them. I’ll post pictures when they’re done.

Chuck Stapel believes in giving back (paying it forward) to others like me.  He donates his knives to many charitable organizations. Like most of the knifemakers that I’ve had the pleasure talking to, Chuck Stapel is a real down to earth, easy to talk to kinda guy. For instance, I made the mistake of calling him, Mr. Stapel. last time I talked to him and he corrected me. Thank you Chuck for all your help!