I hope to finish the kiridashi within the next 2 weeks.  I’m working on the head, the beard, horns and starting to add scales. I’ll try to save the eyes for last. A couple of things I want to point out…This is dragon is being cut out along an outline and the inside is being relieved to give the illusion of dimension. Most carvings of this kind have some of the background removed to make the carving/engraving stand out. I know that this Tamahagane steel is special, so I’m only removing what I have to. The kiridashi is a tool, so I don’t want to make it weak. I also want to point out that sometimes you have to step away from your work to really appreciate it. I like posting pictures on the computer, because I get to see it in “a different light”. I can see things that I miss when I’m working because when I’m working everything is magnified. I hope you all bear with me and stick around to see how it turns out.

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