These are the final pictures of the engraving I did on Bubba-San’s Kiridashi. This project took longer than I expected and was frustrating me. My tools literally weren’t “cutting it” but the problem was my machine. I wore the brushes more than 1/2 way down and had to replace them. Now the machine was running fine but the steel had taken it’s toll on 2 of my favorite tools. But it’s Done.

When I unwrapped it, I was a little upset that there was rust on the blade. This is a high carbon steel and one of the draw backs is that it will rust if you don’t keep a thin layer of oil on the tool. On the other hand, this steel will give you the sharpest edge you can get. James will polish out the metal when he gets this, then he will etch the metal to bring out the wave pattern in the steel. When it’s done, it will almost look like damascus. I will post a picture of the final, final picture.

Almost Finished

Engraved Kiridashi

Detail of Dragon