I’m posting this to bring some awareness to the knifemaking community &  to maybe inspire other women to make knives. I’m shocked at how little information there is & I’m amazed at the artistry and craftsmanship of the Women Knifemakers I found from around the World. This list took some time to put together, sadly I could only find 28 Knifemakers and I don’t have websites for everyone. What I did notice is that quite a few have Husbands that are Knifemakers.
If you can add to it, please do.
1. Knifedog – Darci from IronArmKnives
2. Harumi Hirayama http://www.ne.jp/asahi/harumi/knives
3. Kathleen Tomey http://www.tomeycustomknives.com
4. Linda Ferguson http://www.fergusonknives.com
5. Silvana Mouzinho http://www.silvanaartknives.com
6. Dianna Casteel http://www.casteelcustomknives.com
7. Grace Horne http://www.gracehorne.co.uk
8. Stéphanie Mottais http://stephanie-mottais.com
9. Lynn Dawson http://www.dawsonknives.com
10. Dellana http://www.dellanadesigns.com
11. Haley DesRosiers http://www.alaskablades.com
12. Audra Draper http://draperknives.info
13. Chantal Gilbert http://www.chantalgilbert.com
14. Sharla Hansen http://shansenknives.com
15. Heather Harvey http://www.heavinforge.co.za
16. Elizabeth Loerchner http://ecloerchner.com
17. Gail Lunn http://www.lunnknives.com
18. Julie Warenski-Erickson http://www.curtericksonknives.com
19. Paula Eisler
20. Barbara Baskett
21. Carolyn Tinker
22. Paula Anzel
23. Lora Sue Bethke
24. Judy Gottage
25. Marina farao
26. Junko Fong
27. Daisy Zeng
28. Dee Hedges