Bubba-san (James Bieler) sent me this picture of the Tamahagane Kiridashi. He still wants to polish out some marks made by the polishing stones & place my initials in small Kanji beneath dragon. James made the lanyard from Japanese ito cord, even the red string is from Japan. He is very traditional!  Then the Kiridashi needs a traditional Japanese presentation box, the kind that is signed and usually made from empress wood. They are dovetailed with very small cuts and lined with bright silk.

Dragon Horimono on a Japanese Kiridashi
Knifemaker – James Bieler (Bubba-san Forge)
Engraver – Catherine DeFelice (Knifecarver)

Knives like this are sometimes given as wedding gifts to the bride, or any family event they want to commemorate. Knives were given to Japanese ladies for self defense, and for taking ones life. Usually a kaiken or Tanto was used for this purpose. Receiving one with a Dragon horimono was for good luck . A birth would be a typical event, but there are many. It would be similar to getting a pair of bronzed baby shoes at baby shower, or something along those lines.

So this isn’t the final picture. Check Back to see my Kanji and the presentation box.