I belong to a few knife forums. The two I like best are www.knifedogs.com and www.jerzeedevil.com.

Knifedogs is a “G” rated, no drama, forum you can join to ask questions, read articles from knifemakers, collectors & learn just about anything knife related. They really need more Ladydogs.  I’d like to see some women knifemakers on the forum.

Jerzeedevil is the total opposite of Knifedogs. I’d give it an “X” rating for language and visual content.  Plenty of reasonable drama (play by the rules or get kicked off). Lots of info on knives, knife-making, collecting & outdoor stuff.

I check the forums from time to time, but there’s so much to read and so many people joining everyday, I can’t keep up. So, if you sign up, be sure to tell them the knifecarver sent you!