It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so here’s something new. I recently finished this tattoo of Titan, our English Mastiff, for my husband Greg.

????????Titan Tattoo

My Titan

My Titan

Here’s the original drawing I did.


My Titan is 9 1/2 years old.  A few weeks ago, he got real sick all of a sudden. He stopped eating and drinking. Thinking maybe it was a stomach bug, we waited it out over the weekend. By Monday, he had to see the Vet. It was the 1st time Titan actually wanted to go. He knew he was sick & that Dr. Pieper could help. The Dr. suspected kidney problems, said he was an old big dog, that if he was a Chihuahua, he’d be 15 years old.  Test results came back positive for kidney failure, liver problems & infection. OMG! We were devastated. Titan is like our child, the good son. LOL! So, So smart. His only chance was to have dialysis.  The next three days he spent at the Vet.  We went to visit him. He looked a little better. He started drinking, but not eating. We brought him his favorite food, chicken. He only ate a few pieces.  He really wanted to go home.

After 3 days, the Vet said his blood work was still showing bad numbers. He lost at least 20 lbs. The only thing left to do was bring him home for the weekend, spoil the crap out of him, do the things that make him happy, and if you think it’s time,, we’ll put him to sleep on Monday. The Vet gave us medicine that has kept many dogs and cats with kidney problems alive for years. We bought Titan a new toy and I wrapped it in Christmas paper so he could open it. We took him to visit his fans at the grocery store. We prayed, a lot. I had to force feed him  yogurt.  (He couldn’t spit it out.) He ate pancakes with fruit. I gave him ginger tea with honey. We alternated between ham, steak, chicken. He hated the chicken & rice and the hamburger and potato mix I made him,  He didn’t need help drinking but trying to get him to eat at least a pound of food a day was hard. On Monday, we brought him to the Vet & he said he would never put a dog down that look as good as Titan. He is now eating better and putting on the pounds. He’s not out of the woods yet, but his blood work has improved dramatically. He is acting like a puppy again. He is a walking, living, breathing, miracle. He is an ambassador of good will & believes his job is to make people smile.


On my about me page,  I mention the Harley I engraved and airbrushed. Here are some pictures of pictures of the “IRON WOLF”.



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Keep an eye out. The next post will be pictures of the Mammoth Bowie, Chuck Stapel made for my Husband, Greg.