This is my 1st knife sheath. I was going to attempt a piggy back sheath for the two knives, but I decided not to bite off more than I could chew. In the beginning, I started making the sheath for the big knife. So I designed it on thin cardboard, (mistake #1) left 1/2″ of room along the edge of the blade (mistake #2) and cut out my design after tracing it out on the leather.


When I folded the leather over, it was too short and I had no room to sew it, add a spacer and fringe. So, I tailored it to fit the small knife.

I had to cut a lot off. Using thicker cardboard would have compensated for the thickness of the leather when folded over. I also left 3/4″ of room along the edge. These are the tools I’m using.

Why the forceps? I’m going to use them to push & pull rawhide when I lace another piece of leather to the sheath for strength.

Here is the new design, cut and marked out, allowing for the bend in the leather. The black leather is to line the sheath. The knife is made from a file and it kept catching on the suede. The smooth part of the black leather will be facing out against the blade so it goes in and out of the sheath smoother.
I’m cutting my own fringe from a piece of buffalo suede that I scraped down to make it thinner. I didn’t have the right tool, so I used a single razor blade and yes, there was blood involved in the making of this sheath! Best thing I found to shave the leather was a double bladed safety razor. To cut the fringe, I taped the leather to my board with clear packing tape, covering the entire piece. I marked it out and cut it using a ruler and exacto knife that I kept sharp with a honing stone. This the was key to cutting the fringe.

I cut & dyed the fringe. I cut some notches in the belt strap & cut a strap to hold the knife handle. I don’t have a snap setting tool, so I’ll use velcro to close it. It doesn’t look like I left enough room for the knife in the picture, but that just because of how I placed the knife on the sheath.

I added another piece of leather near the top of the sheath for strength and support. I used rawhide shoelaces (that I split in 1/2 lengthwise because they were too thick) to sew the leather to the sheath. I thought it would look cool but boy what a pain in the ass! So I glued the bottom half on. I also sewed the strap on the belt loop but now I have to cut it off because I didn’t leave enough room for a normal sized belt.
It all looks kind of rough right now, but it’s for a Mountain Man Knife, so it’s alright if it’s rough as long as it’s tough!

Glued up these pieces.

Checked the fit.

Sewed it all together, fixed the strap & added velcro

Back of sheath.

Fits like a glove.