As a kid, I was fascinated with dinosaurs. I wanted to be a paleontologist  when I grew up. This may be why carving and working with bone has become my passion. In 1981, I scratched a dinosaur scene into a polished ham bone.

Scrimshaw Dinosaur Scene

Carved Eagle in on ham bone

My husband bought me a Dremel and I started making pendants and keychains. I carved an eagle chasing a rabbit into a ham bone. I never knew how to market myself. Keep in mind, this was before computers. I tried a few craft shows, consignment shops etc. without any luck. I get discouraged easily.  Things seemed to be happening in twos. After the first two boys, every two years we brought another child into the world, total, 5 kids! Every two years, I would become passionate about something, and draw or carve till I lost interest again.  In 1989, I did some animal portraits and had a newspaper article written about my artwork.

It was also around this time that I did my first tattoo. Greg borrowed a tattoo gun from a friend and I practiced on grape fruit. Greg’s 1st tattoo should have taken  2 to 3 hrs. Instead it took 9 hrs! Ouch! You think Greg would have learned. NOT! He’s still not done…and neither am I.  I like tattooing. I would like to have a tattoo shop, someday, if you don’t mind being tattoo by someone without any tattoos or without any formal training. I’m learning to tattoo the way I draw. My style is photo realism and my goal is to make them look 3-D.

Engraved Harley – Points cover

In the 90’s we bought a Harley.  My husband Greg bought me an airbrush and a compressor and together we created the “Iron Wolf”. I airbrushed and engraved the bike.  I liked engraving the metal but I don’t like the airbrush. Too many variables. Unfortunately, we spent more time fixing the bike than riding it, so we sold it. Wish I knew where it is now.

 Fast Forward to 2010. Greg is attracted to shiny objects, sharp and shiny. He’s been collecting knives for a few years now and has quite a few. He says to me, why don’t you try carving a bone knife handle. So, I have at it and I send pictures to a dealer that we bought knives from. He says, why aren’t you doing this for a living?  And the KNIFECARVER was Born!

The KnifeCarver