1st Knife I Embellished – Carved Bone

  The 1st knife I carved was an Ocoee River Folding Hunter with bone scales. I used a Dremel to carve the first few knives on this page. I sent this to Jim Frost (Frost Cutlery)  He showed this on T.V. (Cutlery Corner Network) in 2011.

Carved Money Clip

After the showing my 1st knife on T.V., Todd Boone Commented that he would buy a knife from me, if Jim Frost would give a bigger paycheck. So, I did this for Todd. This knife was also shown on T.V.

Greg’s Knife

My husband Greg is the one who got me started carving knives. He suggested that I send knives to Jim Frost and Todd Boone, so I did this one for him. This design was his idea, as were the designs for the other two knives.  This knife is carved on both sides and has a design on the blade

Greg’s Knife – Blade detail

Carved Saddlehorn Trapper

I bought factory made knives with bone scales and a few polished stag knives with the intent that if I carved them, I could sell them.  Lesson #1 – Knife collectors don’t buy knives made in China.  At least the audience I was after, don’t.  My first commission was from a custom knifemaker, Greg Dash, of Staten Island, NY. He handed me a $220.00 knife, sheath & $50.00 to embellish it at the 1st knife show I ever went to, on the promise that I would give it back to him a month later at the NCCA (Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association) Mystic, CT Knife show. Lesson #2 – Knife people are some of the nicest people I ever met. Real, down to earth people. But, there are exceptions… as with everything.

Knife made by Greg Dash

Lesson #3 – Never put the handle (scale) of a knife in a vise, always put the blade in the vise. I put a hair-line fracture in this knife by tightening the vise on the scales. I felt so bad, that my husband bought the knife! I brought it to Mystic CT to show Greg Dash my work and told him what happened. He said that he would have never known if I didn’t tell him, but I felt I needed to be honest. Believe me, my husband is happy. It’s his 1st custom made knife. Thank you, Greg, for giving me a chance and my 1st commission.

While at the show, Greg Dash introduced me to knifemaker, Richard Holt. I showed him some of my work, and He handed me one of his knives to work on!

Richard Holt Knife that I embellished (Commissioned Piece)

Richard saw this knife when I was finished but unfortunately, he passed away shortly before the 2012 Mystic, CT knife show. His daughters were at the show, displaying his knives in remembrance of their father.

Wolf Pack Knife – Carved Hen and Rooster – Polished Stag (SOLD!)

“Wolf Pack” knife – Howling wolf side (SOLD!)


The first time I ever carved stag was on the “Wolf Pack” knife. I joined the www.knifedogs.com forum and  I wanted to do a knife with wolves on it. I was in the “pack” state of mind, and thought this would stir some interest. It did, in a round-about way.  I didn’t get as many comments as I had hoped for on this knife, but one member of the forum, who had been commenting on my work all along, inquired about buying it. I sold this to him and he became my 1st  and my biggest fan, outside of my family that is. I’m honored to have my work in his impressive collection. Thank you, Gary.

“Nautical Knife” – Carved Polished Stag, Engraved Blade. Guard and Pommel (FOR SALE)

The next knife I worked on was my “Nautical Knife”. This theme was my husband’s idea. I carved the polished stag on a Hen & Rooster knife into a rope, stippled shells onto the guard, stippled around the guard, down the back of the blade, flowing on down into the tip of the blade. On the blade, I engraved, my first time on metal, a Sperm whale in combat with a Giant Squid. On the pommel, I stippled an anchor & in the center, an evergreen diffused topaz stone is set. I have about 50 to 60 hours of work into this knife. I’m now using a Foredom Micro-motor to carve. To see more pictures, check out the gallery at the top of page.

I embellished two more knives in 2011. One was a Frost Cutlery trapper with buffalo horn scales that I carved a dragon into on one side and an Asian design on the other. I also embellished a stippled shell design on the bolsters of another Greg Dash knife. I didn’t realize this before, but now that I look at all the pictures in this gallery, I did a lot of work in 2011!

Carved Dragon on a Buffalo Horn Trapper

Carved Asian pattern on Buffalo Horn Trapper














Greg Dash Knife (Commissioned Piece)

Greg Dash Knife (Commissioned piece)